Qasmat Sabez Agricultural & Livestock Limited Company

Producer of Animal Venoms

Company Detail

We would like to introduce ourselves as the greatest producer of animal venoms such as snake , spider , scorpion and bee venoms in the Middle East. Our company was established in Afghanistan in 2017 and we set up two offices in England & Germany in order to negotiate with the buyers. According to the recent research, this country has the most unique , special and valuable poisonous animal species in the world so that their venoms have a lot of amazing positive impacts on the treatment of certain diseases.

Animal venoms are widely used in the pharmaceutical industry as the natural raw materials in the production of special drugs like Anticancers, Antibodies , Antiserums and Pain Killers so that numerous scientific articles in the field of  drug discovery are published every month. Our poisonous animal species  are maintained and bred in accordance with the latest international standards to maximize the production of venoms and also the produced venoms have the highest possible quality.